Hal Dawson

Worshipful Master Fishmonger

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The Harbour Kilkeel

Co Down N Ireland

Phone: 028 417 62591

E-mail: mail@c-fish.co.uk

Reference: Manual Fish Filleting Training undertaken by Mr Hal Dawson

It gives me great pleasure to be in the position of providing a reference for Mr Hal Dawson, for Manual fish filleting training carried out for my company, C-Fish selling, in our processing premises at the harbour, Kilkeel, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

R Donnan & Sons, a company that I auctioneered for, now renamed C-Fish selling Co., of which I am a managing director, have conducted business with Mr Hal Dawson for a period of nearly thirty years. All our transactions have been of a most successful and satisfactory nature.

C-Fish selling at present is mainly involved in auctioning and shipping of whole fish and prawns, locally as well as throughout Great Britain. We also operate from our premises in Whitehaven, England. Over the past five years we have been moving towards processing whole fish for the home market, with the option and the opportunity of shipping filleted fish to the mainland and abroad. The main problem that our fish processing industry has is the lack of professional filleters or anybody to train them, so we were delighted when Mr Dawson informed us that he was starting a manual fish filleting training service for the fish processing industry. To my knowledge he is the only person in N.I. providing this service.

Mr Dawson has provided us with this service in the past and I can confirm that he conducts a most professional and successful service. He is able to instruct in the art of quicker and cleaner filleting, with higher product yields. Most important when operating volume sales to both retail and wholesale outlets.

Mr Dawson has informed me that, on behalf of BIM, he has written a filleting module which is to be introduced as a training course for fish processors in the south of Ireland. I do hope that this training course will be available in Northern Ireland as soon as possible. This is the one weak link in the fish processing industry and I am delighted to see that it is now being addressed. Again, I can’t stress enough, the fact that professional fish filleters are in dangerously short supply.

We at C-Fish selling wish Mr Hal Dawson all the best in his new post and look forward to working with him in the very near future.


Yours faithfully

Ronny Cassidy

Managing director


North West Consulting

Strandhill Enterprise Centre

Airport Road


                                                                                                                                                                                   Co Sligo



13 July 2010



Re:     Hal Dawson




Hal Dawson has worked closely with Northwest Consulting over the past 3 years, in developing and piloting the Seafood Processor Training Programme.


Hal did an outstanding professional job in:


1.       Refining the draft programme descriptors

2.       Developing additional training specifications

3.       Generating training materials

4.       Carrying out the pilot training delivery

5.       Carrying out trainee assessments


Hal has shown himself to be an excellent trainer, professional, industrious and very flexible in his approach. He brings a lifetime of knowledge of fish, fishing, fish handling and fish processing to his training delivery and he is an excellent hands-on fish filleter.


I have no hesitation in recommending Hal Dawson as a fish and seafood processing trainer – indeed I am quite sure he is the best qualified person in the entire country to undertake this role



Yours sincerely


John Buckley



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